Empowering Phulkari Artists - Baljinder Kaur

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Just Phulkari

She has been doing embroidery since childhood but had quit because she was not getting paid for the hardwork one needs to put in Phulkari embroidery. With JustPhulkari, Baljinder has started embroidery again and is creating magic on a saree. This typical design in Phulkari with geometric floral motifs is a difficult one and takes a lot of time to complete. But the result is worth this long wait.

She lives in a small village with her family. One of her sons could not pursue further education because of the financial condition of their family. But she is making sure that the younger one finishes his college. That’s the reason that she got associated with JustPhulkari. The proceeds from the sale we do on JustPhulkari go to the fund created for the welfare of their village and its people.


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