Empowering Phulkari Artists - Jasbir Kaur

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Jasbir was in school when she got married at the age of 14. Today, at 25 years of age, she has 3 daughters- 10, 9 & 2 year old. Her husband works as a daily wager. They have a big family to feed as Jasbir’s brother in law passed away a few years ago, leaving behind his family which has 4 kids. Between Jasbir & her husband, they have pledged to educate all 7 kids of the family. But more often than not, they fall short of meeting their kids’ stationery requirements and other expenses.

Jasbir has been doing Phulkari embroidery for last 10 years now. This she started doing to help her husband in managing the expenses of their big family. But she loves doing it now. She creates such lovely motifs on the cloth that they appear alive.

She just associated with JustPhulkari and we have decided to support her kids’ education by way of a fund that will be accumulated with the sale of these masterpieces created by her.

Whenever you buy from JustPhulkari, you contribute to the lives of many artisans like Jasbir and their families.


  • Reading about Mrs Jasbir reminded me that India still has a long way to go in terms of eradicating hunger and poverty. Nice to know about jasbirs decision. It wd be nice if you send us a short story of the artisan who has created the masterpiece we bought. It will make us love out buy more and probably make us want to buy more pieces from justphulkari-too.

    Dr Manpreet Kaur on

  • An appreciable step. I am surprised that women are still going through such a plight in the State of Punjab which is considered as most progressive and modern State. Such women must be helped to stand on their feet. In future, I will purchase handicrafts made by them for personal use and for gifting to friends.

    Ram Tirath on

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