Phulkari - Motley of Colors

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‘Kadh kasida pehreh choli, ta tum jano naari’ – Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Guru Granth Sahib

(Only then you will be considered an accomplished lady when you will embroider yourself your own blouse)

Phulkari (Phul – Floral, Kari – work) means flower work. Phulkari has an emotional, social and cultural value that is rate to find in any other form of embroidery. Embroidered with silk thread on cotton base, Phulkari is made by mothers for her daughters and daughters-in-law. Richly embroidered Phulkaris are an integral part of every auspicious occasion in Punjab. Phulkari is a part of every bride’s trousseau. When a new bride comes home, her mother-in-law also gifts her a Phulkari, popularly known as ‘Vari Da Baag’. There is a mention of Phulkari in Waris Shah’s Heer, when he describes Heer’s trousseau.

Ladies in Punjab use various motifs and embroider on the cloth using darning stitch in vibrant colors. JustPhulkari’s logo is inspired by one such motif.


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