Vand Khao Khand Khao

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Vand khao khand khao - Guru Nanak Dev

Its means to share what you have and contribute for a worthy cause. We at JustPhulkari strongly believe in this teaching of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

So last week when we were visiting our Phulkari artists in a small village in Punjab, we reached a small school where their children study. Its a primary school and the facilities are always meagre there. We spoke to the principal and discussed their current needs. As per her suggestions, we gifted chairs and an almirah for setting up the library in their school. They already had books but they were not able to keep them properly in the absence of proper storage.
It was wonderful to interact with little children there who were too excited to have visitors in their school. JustPhulkari also asked for suggestions from the principal on how to contribute more to these children and Phulkari workers’ life. One key input we got from her and our Phulkari artists was a support to push their case to start classes beyond 5 grades in their school. Currently kids have to go to neighbouring villages for further studies and every year some kids dropout because of that. We assured them of our full support in reaching out to the concerned authorities. At the same time, we suggested to make these kids’ five years at this school so interesting that they long to go for further studies. If we can inculcate daily school habit in them and make them understand the importance of education in their life, we are half done. They are the future and we will give every support we can to make it a bright one. 




  • I forgot to put in a comment for your philanthropy. It’s the need of the hour, our artisans need it and you are doing a good job. Well done.

    Dr Manpreet Kaur on

  • Justphulkari- just received the first saree I bought from you. It’s amazing, beautiful and vibrant ,just like Punjab. The colours are as shown in the pics and the material is great too.
    Am looking forward to shopping again @jastphulkari, including the sold out one I had requested in December. Thanks.

    Dr Manpreet Kaur on

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